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January 8th, 2014

Big Dicked Twink

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Esteban (22) is a super hot full featured footballer. He’s got: a huge, fat cock; a very hairy asshole; a well built body; big balls; cums like a horse; dances naked shaking his cock; he’s super masculine, and a lot more!

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Chico was here before when he appeared sucking cock and getting pissed on by str8 boy Danilo before he got a load of cum shot in his face. Well, he must have enjoyed his first time because he’s back and this time he’s with a friend named Omar. Omar is 18 years old like Chico and they both are very horny young bi-boys that are up for anything so get ready for a wide ride! They start our by pissing together then on each other! Next a cold beer really gets them in the mood (remember it’s legal at 18 where they live) and they have a lot of fun with that…pouring it on their cocks and spitting it at each other. Now they are both really hot and the feeling of a hot mouth on their cocks is getting to be too much…More in the second half of this fucking hot video!

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Psycho schoolboy Derek screams abuse at his naked sub and sneers at his inability to prevent the Master from doing whatever he likes to this submissive, damaged worm. Derek harshly straps a bit gag with reins onto the sub to prevent him from whimpering his complaints. He sits on the sub’s back and rides it around the room, cutting it with the cane for laziness. The sub’s ass cheeks are red-raw from the earlier thrashing and these welts get deeper and deeper as the cane lashes down more cruel blows. There are several sex toys dotted about the room and, spotting these, Derek makes use of them and begins by shoving a vibrator up the sub’s gaping ass. The sub squirms as a dildo is pushed up him, followed by a larger dildo mounted on a pole – Master Derek viciously rams them up the sub’s ass while riding him around, humiliating him completely.


Kaden Saylor is directing this Active Duty scene, and says that he tried to get Ryan and Tito together once before, but for whatever reason, it just didn’t work out. Luckily, things fell into place this time, and we’ve got Ryan and his big ole’ rod spearing its way into Tito. After stripping down to reveal toned 6-packs, the guys get to work exchanging BJs. Ryan is hard as a rock and moaning in pleasure at Tito’s skills. What follows is an energetic anal session that shakes the bed, the walls and everything else. The guys go through a number of positions, with Tito at one point sitting on Ryan, riding him something fierce. Ryan’s huge pole slides in and out of Tito, who is thrusting his rear up and down on it -while staying hard. Eventually, Tito is down on his back, with Ryan pounding him from the side of the bed. Tito barks dirty orders at Ryan, who is thrusting in and out of him. Before you know it, the guys end up a sticky, out-of-breath mess and it’s a wrap!


Chris is a fan of the site and goes to college here. We let him hang around the house cause he’s a good little bottom bitch. Always begging for it. During a recent BBQ he was going around giving head. He ended up by the dumpster in the alleyway behind the house, taking loads from just about everyone at the party.



Just one day before Christmas I again decided to check my favorite shopping center for some cute boys. After I waited for about 15 minutes I finally found the typ of guy I am usually looking for. He was actually kinda overcautious. He didn’t even want to tell me his name nor where he works. Anyway, he started to listen a bit more careful when I told him that I have a model agency and there was some money to be made. I somehow convinced him that I need to make a short casting with him. Of course I had to promising money for it. But when we arrived at the hotel he didn’t even want to show me his dick.




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